My Story

      I'm Matthew Fiock and from the great Northwest, but I now reside in the big state of Texas. My music has been described as reggae, island, rock with a little european influence. Growing up I was surrounded by eclectic music listeners. I was constantly and consistently around rock, alternative, island, hip hop, jazz, etc. The list goes on. I picked up an ukulele after 15 years of playing guitar. I then focused my abilities on to the uke. I fell in love! I brought a varied taste of rock and reggae vocals and influence, both styles I love dearly. With the island and rock culture combined vocally and played by an ukulele it is a sound that's not been heard before.
      I've used my sound to gather attention from many industry pro's. To name a few representatives: AE pictures, Sony, Integrity, Stoneworx Entertainment.
An executive from AE Pictures said
                                "There is no one, on radio, globally that sounds like you."
Also I have opened for a couple Label Bands. (B.E.C. records, Sparrow Records)
      My fanbase is growing and gaining attraction quickly.  I am being sought after to play many shows at different venues. Currently, I am in the process of putting out some recorded works within the ensuing months. Keep a look out! Please contact me for more info and for booking your event/venue.

"There is no one, on radio, globally that sounds like you."”

— An Executive from AE Pictures